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Surviving Hurricane Katrina/Rita

Well, I am doing wonderful right now. After a little hectic start with loosing my house and job in New Orleans, I got bored and decided to do something. Acouple of friends and I decided to grab acouple of boats and see id we could help some people who were still traped. We save about ended ugoing to Laffiete, then to Baton Rouge, and finnaly, a little tow people. Even Sean Penn was helpfull. Yeah, that boy did jump into the nasty ass water to save people's lives. He almost nocked over the boat when an Apatchi hellicoptor hovered about 10 feet right above us and nocked an old man overboard. If you have looked in People magazine and saw a pic of Sean penn, that was the guy.
Well, I ended up in a small town in Texas near Dallas called Mckinney. I just didn'y know what to do.
Then I heard from stefy and she said to come to Ohio to stay with her. Well, I have always liked Stef, and like she told me "don't have any expectations" I did have one.

I am in Ohio right now and Stefy is in the other room with a friend,while I type this. Things have been so wonderful since I came to Ohio.
When I get to the Greyhound station, I saw Stef in her car and I saw the most beatiful smile beheld to me.
Things have NEVER been this wonderfull in my life. This morning, I told her that I just did not want to be just friends, but I would like to be in a relationship. Stef is the most amazing woman I have ever met. When she smiles, .....oh.she has the cutest dimples I have ever seen.
What a wonderfull girlfriend she is.
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