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I have a full time job

Well, I was realy worried about failing my last test today. I passed, so that meens Inow have a full time job.

I have a steady income, other than Steak 'n' Shake, and am soo happy right now.

I know I am happy when I look into Stef's eyes
I know I am happy when I am kissing the woman I love
I know I am happy when ever we hold hands
I know I amhappy when ever we are together.

I love [Unknown LJ tag] with all of my heart, and know this is the realthing. In the past I thought I knew what it was that I wanted in life, but being with Stef, I KNOW for sertain, what Iwant in life:

to grow old with her, and to live happily ever after.

Incase you get to read this Stephanie:

I love you.
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